The Sanguine Temperament

Hello, Sunshine! You are friendly, fun-loving, and optimistic--always up for something new and exciting. You love a spur-of-the-moment adventure—whether traveling to a new city, meeting new people, or discovering a new idea. Sanguines live in the present moment, and enjoy it to the fullest! Sanguines are the most extraverted of all the temperaments: active, inquisitive, and energized by being with people. You are attentive to other people, place a high value on kindness, and are generous. Your enthusiasm is contagious, you can be a charismatic leader. Sanguines excel in marketing, sales, entrepeneurship, communications, and social media. To the ancient Greeks, sanguines were air: moving, changing, blowing one way and then another.

If you are a sanguine, then you are most likely the life of the party. You are funny and relish the limelight. You are affectionate, enjoy social activities, and make friends easily. You are imaginative and creative, and are often the one who enthusiastically promotes new ideas on the job. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, but you are always quick to "forgive and forget." As quickly as you discover a new hobby or pursuit, you can also lose interest. On occasion, your sense of humor can get out of hand. You can be easily distracted, struggle with follow-through, and are sometimes accused of being superficial and forgetful. In relationships, you are affectionate, eager to please and forgiving.Your generosity and desire to please others can sometimes result in being overcommitted.

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