The Choleric Temperament

You are a natural leader and energetic go-getter, the classic "type A" personality. You quickly respond to any situation, with a strong opinion or a plan. You are happy to take charge and you are tenacious and driven to follow through.  You are usually extraverted*, which means that your energy is focused externally, actively, and socially. You are a "can do" person, energetic, determined and confident.

A dynamic, self-motivated leader, you can set your sights on a target and  pursue it until success is achieved.  Strong-willed, you make decisions quickly and decisively, and focus on achieving results. You readily and easily grasp difficult concepts and strategies. Learning comes quickly to you. You think logically and pragmatically, and are not typically bothered by "taking the bull by the horns." In fact, others often let you take charge, though you are sometimes accused of "rolling over" people once you have set a plan in motion. You do not readily reveal deep emotions--except anger--and you are swift to argue your position. Cholerics are often accused of being stubborn, domineering, and dictatorial. You usually think you are right.  You may find yourself irritated by people who are weak, mousy, indecisive, or passive. You demand loyalty from your friends, and thrive when you are in control. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a choleric president: "There is nothing I love as much as a good fight," he famously said. 

* But if you are partly melancholic, this will temper your extraversion. 

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