About Our Quiz

Once upon a time, psychologists thought that every person is born into the world a blank slate.

All babies are the same, and what makes them different is their different life experiences.

This is called behaviorism.

Every parent knows this isn’t true. Babies are born into the world with their own little budding personalities. And then, life’s experiences are added to the mix.

Nature + nurture = personality.

Oh, don't forget to add free will (the choices we make).

What is temperament?

It's the nature part. We come into the world with a set of inborn characteristics, "hard-wired" so to speak. These are inborn tendencies to react in certain ways. We are not "programmed" but also we are not without certain biological traits.

For example:  Some people react quickly, emotionally. They have a "short fuse."

Others are always calm, steady, easy-going.

Some people are adaptable to their surroundings. Others are uncomfortable and even anxious with new experiences.

Some are quick to laugh, others tend to be more serious.

Some are optimistic, talkative, and impulsive. Others are pessimistic, quiet, and cautious.

Take charge or follow the lead? Jump in feet first? Or wait and see? Cautious or impulsive? Persistent or distractible? Introvert or extravert? These are all characteristics of temperament.

You were born with a temperament. Which one is yours?

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