The Phlegmatic Temperament

Yours is one of the most likeable personalities. "What a great guy (gal)!" is often heard about the phlegmatic. Phlegmatics are calm, easy-going, and good-natured. To the ancient Greeks, phlegmatic were like water: calm, cool, going with the flow. They are rarely flamboyant or dictatorial, but prefer cooperation and diplomacy. With their capacity for service and ability to remain calm under pressure, phlegmatics make good emergency responders, engineers, soldiers and military officers. 

If you are a phlegmatic, you get along with most everyone and have a great sense of humor. You tend to be respectful and respectful (in fact, your humor often prevents conflict in contentious situations). Underneath your somewhat reserved exterior is a gentle heart that seeks harmony and abhors conflict. You are dependable, polite, and even-tempered. You feel more comfortable in a small group of friends or even spending a quiet evening relaxing at home. You are rarely flashy, belligerent, or self-serving. You would rather take the blame (even unjustly) than stir up controversy or pick a fight. You may struggle with self-confidence. On the job, you do not seek power or the limelight, but work steadily and methodically. You are a team player, though if charged with leadership, you will fulfill the mission without becoming a tyrant. You can work with the most difficult of personalities. You prefer job security, working within a structured organization, but can also be a leader of great character and service. Former U.S. president Calvin Coolidge, for example, was known for being a man of few words, conservatism in maintaining the status quo, and a propensity for "effectively doing nothing." Once at a dinner party, a young woman bet him that she could make him say three words. Coolidge dryly replied, "You lose."

In relationships, you are steady, diplomatic, a stabilizing peace-maker. At times, when people are being very demanding or tension is high, you find yourself withdrawing to be alone--and then you may be accused of being apathetic or indifferent. As a phlegmatic, you would probably prefer that the whole dating process did not require so much effort. Nonetheless, once you are involved in a serious relationship, you will be reliable and faithful.

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